Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Delta Fishing Report

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August 25, 2014

San Joaquin,False River, Washington Cut, Frank's Tract, Sandmound Slough

Water Temp:71-73

Water Clarity: 4-5 feet
Stripers Fishing is Good. Lots of fish in the system but most are dinks. However there are enough fish in the 18-20 inch range to make it interesting. Because the water is warm, the little guys pull hard and they're fairly easy to find. Work the rock walls, casting within a few feet. Start stripping right away so you don't get hung up in the rocks. A good graph will really help find the larger schools.

The flats are also producing on days when the fish are taking topwater. Try any water less than 6 feet deep. If no strikes, move on.
Topwater - If you've never tried topwater for stripers now is the time. Use a 3 inch white gurgler, or buy a pole dancer. Tie it to a six foot 20 pound leader connected to a floating line, preferably one to two weights heavier than your rod. Make a good long cast in the shallow water and start a rhythmic one to two foot strip without pauses. If a fish goes for the fly, KEEP STRIPPING until you feel the weight of the fish.

Subsurface - Nothing new here. Use a smaller chartreuse over white clouser on a quick sinking line. Count the line down to within a foot or two of the bottom and use a series of strips and pauses as a retrieve. Look for grabs at any time, especially when the fly makes that turn from horizontal to vertical close to the boat.